Thank you for the Growing Alphabet

The funny thing about a heart or a mind or a vocabulary is;
Just when you think it’s full, it grows to accommodate more.
All Language is not limited to the alphabet but it is a good start.

Andrew, Alison, Augustats, Anthony
Brett, Byron, Beth, Beverly, Biata,
Catenacci, Carla x2, Christina
Dave, Darrell, Deanne, Donna
Emma, Edwina, Everett
George, Gabriella, Gina, Gary, Gwen,
Hosam, Howard, Helen,
Irene, Isabel,
Jack, Jason, Jackie, Julie x2, James x4, Jesse
Karma, Katie, Kylliki
Linda, Laura,Logan,
Margaret, Mike x3, Maritza, Matt, Misha
Paglietti, Peter, Pablo
Ruby, Richard x2, Radhika, Robert
Sophia, Sharon x2, Sue x2, Steve x4, Shawn
Teresa, Trace, Thomas, Theo, Trader Rick
Walter, Wayne
Yijan, Yavonne

~ by leakelley on November 10, 2007.

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