Thank you for fairy tales

Once upon a time there was a great festival in a magnificent castle.
All the humans invited to the party turned into animals upon crossing the threshold of the pristine
hall inside the castle.
The gala was hosted by an Eagle who spread his wings over his many guests; A Bull, a Donkey, an Orangutan, an Eel, a large Dog with droopy ears, and a Hummingbird.
As the event unfolded many people approached the castle, transforming into Mice as they entered the gates of the estate. The Mice gathered at the doors and windows of the castle, peering in at the feast of grapes and knowledge laid out before the other animals inside.
As the candles flickered inside, The fog grew so thick outside that the mice were hardly visible. The powerful Eagle flew about the giant hall with his wings spread for all to see his glory as a host of such an extraordinary affair. The Eagle was generous and powerful and the other animals looked up at him as he soared above them, singing “Come fly with me”.
Alas, the others in the room could only huddle together around the feasting table, pulling one grape at a time from the vines laid across large platters, and watch the Eagle fly.
All the animals except the Hummingbird.
The Hummingbird kept going to the windows where the Mice were sitting on the ledges trying to find a way through the beautiful glass panes. She was preoccupied with those on the outside of the castle. Her wings were not like the Eagles and she could not soar with him. Here wings were designed for speed not elevation. She tried to sing with the Eagle but her song was not quite of his mighty resonance, even tough she knew the words.
So she darted back and forth to the windows, trying to find a way to let the Mice in. She thought they looked so hungry.
The other animals did not even notice the Mice outside (as I said, they were barely visible in the fog). They just remained at their posts, pulling grapes and watching the Eagle, lounging in the shadow of his wings.


~ by leakelley on November 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thank you for fairy tales”

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  2. This was so visual, I could feel the fog, the anxiety of the hummingbird darting back and forth, the swoosh of the eagle’s expansive wings, and could almost hear the barely audible pop of each grape as it was pulled from the vine. I couldn’t hear the mutterings of the other animals, though. I never can. And, I’m glad.

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