Thank you for Compliments and Complements

The adage “Nothing in life is free.” was not developed by people that frequent the places I frequent.
The complementary parts of my purse are filled with complimentary mints and complimentary toothpicks, matches, bank teller candy, refrigerator magnets with pizza delivery phone numbers, pens with my accountant’s address on them so they can be returned if I am found unconscious in a subway, tree saving napkins with Starbucks’ logo printed in eco-friendly green ink, and a lollipop from the dentist for behaving in a way that inspires him to insure that I’ll be back.
Yep, my purse is so full of compliments that I look like a middle aged trick or treater. I should trade in my purse for one of those ‘lil plastic pumpkins with a handle on it. I think it would be a complement to my wardrobe of complimentary tee shirts from past events that I attended with complimentary tickets.
My favorite compliments are the one’s that don’t get stuck to the bottom of my purse or poke my finger when I reach into the cluttered abyss for my wallet. I prefer the compliments that complement my day with a little positive reinforcement.
“You look lovely today!” is a good one (usually spoken by someone who did not notice my pumpkin purse).

~ by leakelley on November 6, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for Compliments and Complements”

  1. LOL. Love the wordplay, as usual. And, the pumpkin purse. I think you would look lovely even with people noticing…L.

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