Thank you for the Human Amalgam, You Will Be Assimilated by the Virus

We are all the people we have loved.
If you turn me upside down, pieces of other people will fall out of my head like little clock parts.
We evolve by assimilating the influence of other human beings and become more human with each person we love.
Remember the Borg from Star Trek? “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”
When you meet a new person, you meet every person they have loved, all the people in their history, everyone who has taught them, touched them, hurt them, and cared enough about them to contribute to their being who they are at that moment.
I sometimes find myself saying something that was said to me by a person in my history as though it was something I just recently invented.
My own character has been developed, in part, by adopting the attributes I respected in someone else on my path. I have become me by loving and learning about you, all of you that have touched my life.
As I have said before, there is a reason everybody does NOT get their own planet. We must live as a group, a tribe, a collective, or we would never become anything more than an eating, sleeping, brain-blank, and heartless machine.
You don’t have to love everyone that has loved some one you love but you will inevitably see them peering out of the eyes of the person you do love.
Love is like a healthy virus, you catch it from other people, and hopefully you spread it around until everybody gets it.


~ by leakelley on November 3, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for the Human Amalgam, You Will Be Assimilated by the Virus”

  1. This is something I explain every time I have someone in my office who wants to “change” his or her employee. Odd, how many adults don’t know they are powerless to change another person’s history, and therefore that person. Thanks for writing this idea of human amalgamation so beautifully.

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