Thank you for Samhain and All-hallowmas

Tonight the veil between the living and the dead lifts from ancient history (Celtic/Druid).
Build a huge bonfire, burn a crop or two and tell your neighbor’s fortune while you dance around the fire in an animal mask on account of Summer’s over and we need to prepare the hearth for Winter.
Or if you like, wait a couple days and you can watch the saints go marching in on All Souls Day.

Or just walk around with a punkin’ on yer head and say “I’m Punkin’ head, gimme some candy!”
If you can’t find a pumpkin to carve, beets and turnips work for some cultures but who wants to walk around saying “I’m Beet head, gimme some candy!”

Me, no costume other than the one I usually present to the world (which doe not entail an animal mask, just a human one).
I will wear orange and black because it was the favorite colors of someone I loved who is on the other side of the veil now. I will honor the spirits of those who have died by just being one who is still living and going about my daily routine with an acknowledgment of the ones who are not on this side of the veil. They still get to live in our thoughts and our hearts.

I will watch for Jack of the Lantern who roams the earth with a lit coal to guide him while I wait for midnight and listen.


~ by leakelley on October 31, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for Samhain and All-hallowmas”

  1. I am SO dressing up as Beet Head! Thanks for the laugh…and the information on butterfly medicine.

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