For my life, my odyssey, my wings

Terima kasih
Gratiam habeo
Toa chie
Thuchi che
Khawp khun kha
Go raibh maith agaibh

And Sincerely, Thank You…

Winged migration

~ by leakelley on October 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “For my life, my odyssey, my wings”

  1. Well, I’m sorry to see you go. I hope you’ll put your paintings up online.

  2. I love you, LeaKel. Tomorrow, I will fly. Today, I am by your side. Time and distance disappear. I love you, LeaKel. I know how those words come to you, by me, through me, but always…from Owie’s heart. I will miss your posts here at Thank You. I will always Thank You for being my boys’ godmother, and I will always thank you for being my best friend on this planet, and if I’m very fortunate, my best friend into the next world. Bon Voyage, mon amie.

    Talk to you tomorrow here on the planet, eh?


  3. You have become an inspiring part of my morning ritual and I give so many thanks to you for helping me be aware of the need for my own “being thankful” ritual. So, thanks for helping me appreciate so many things that are often over looked in my frenzied attempt to participate in the game and be all that I can be while digging deep to be the better me. Your presence will still be felt and can’t wait to see through the new window you’ll be gazing out of into the morning light. I heart you and I give thanks for you, good friend! Your words will be missed by many… big smooch!

  4. *weeps silently*

    But at the same time, I completely understand. I go through the same difficulty in balancing the different sides of my creativity and always have.

    Well, if you feel the need to pop in or rant about something – the web world is always here. (A woman always reserves the right to change her mind.) 🙂

    *(I still want you to photograph my book jacket pics when I become rich and famous…)

  5. You know me…
    I have to fix and improve just about everything.
    With your gracious offer of this opportunity to comment, I would suggest that gratitude isn’t a simple concept. We can also speak of mixed blessings when we recognize them. You write a lot like you talk, so no conflict there.

    That said, I respect your instincts. Since the time of our lives doesn’t bump very often, I, too, shall miss reading.


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