Thank you for Mental Architecture

I build structures in my head to house my aspirations, my memories, and my experiences.
These are imaginary structures; little craftsmen houses, lakeside chalets, and grand artist retreats. They are places that no one else will ever visit because I never include a driveway.
These places are not visible from the road.
In my mind, some of these domiciles include art studio space where I practice before I actually get out my real paint brushes, and corridors lined with photos of the people I love, where I go to visit when these people are not (or can not) be with me physically. In the photos, they are always smiling.
Some of the structures are empty and I visit them when I need peace and quiet. Some are full of clutter—old 8 track tapes from the 70’s with songs about who I used to be, sentimental nic nacs of beliefs that have been stashed on book cases covered with uneducated dust. I go there to do housekeeping sometimes.
And then there’s the dark castle on the hill that has a science lab in the basement. This is where I take all my new theories and fresh information to test it out before I apply it to my real life.
I am thankful for this mental architecture. It affords me structure to sort out my thoughts and “interior design” potential to create new ones.

~ by leakelley on October 17, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for Mental Architecture”

  1. My brother introduced me to a love of architecture when I a teenager. Frank Lloyd Wright was the first architect I really paid attention to, that I could recognize had a particular style.

    You have a particular style, too, LeaKel. I’m glad you can design and build all these houses in your head, because what happens when you come outside again, is quite amazing.

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