Thank you for Bathtubs and Smart Kitties

I found my kitty, Isabel in the bathtub this morning. She was sitting there, licking her paws and washing her little face behind the shower curtain. 


I went into an analytical frenzy about learned behavior and adaptation of animals to their environment. I projected all manner of intention and reason onto her “bathing in the tub”.


I wondered… 

Did she learn this from sitting on the rug, staring at me while I was taking a bubble bath? Has she incorporated a ritual into her little psyche with the understanding that the bathtub is where we clean ourselves? 


Is my cat’s IQ higher than mine? 


Do I have to start checking my electric tooth brush for fur? 

Now that she’s learned about the bathtub and integrated it into her behavior, what will she be doing next, cooking breakfast on the stove? 


Will I discover tomorrow that she has been using my keys to let herself out while I sleep so she can hang out at nightclubs and return to take her place at the foot of the bed before I wake up like she’s been there all along?


Does she run the vacuum while I’m away?


I will be keeping an eye on this kitty, and I will not be teaching her any more foreign languages.

I’m afraid she will figure out how to get through security, board a plane, and head to Paris for the weekend while I just think she’s hiding under the bed. isabel.jpg


~ by leakelley on October 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thank you for Bathtubs and Smart Kitties”

  1. I find my cat in the tub all the time—chasing her tail. Yours probably is taking the keys and going out at night. Mine, she’s chasing her tail … Funny post.

  2. I love your Avatar! Precious.

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